Finish up reserved1 site for cloning…

Items Recently Completed:

  • Add and tested locally a new plugin called Better Search Replace that allowed me to change ALL references from live site URL to local site URL.
    This could be used in live site for certain quick changes.  Example: Lets say we need to change a translation globally!  Piece of cake! A real time saver.
    Many areas do not automatically get changed by UpdraftPlus.  With this plugin I can do a find an replace to change them all; Even in Atomized fields.
  • Made changes to template used for: My Properties.  Got it to allow the used to show or not show text added.  It would show below the map and above the property boxes or
    above the map and below the menu.
    If we add to the My Properties page a new custom  field called: show_text_at (if not already there) and set it to “none”, “top” or “bottom” we can control if and where the text
    would appear.
  • NOTE: Changed Reserved1 property settings to show:  1 Bedroom, Bathroom, Persons so the My Properties page would show this at bottom of Property box near bottom of page.
  • Updated Code changes to Booking so they are added to newest version (small business).
  • Disabled Personal and Activated Booking (Small Business) on Reserved1.
  • Installed New Plugin Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions and used it to cleanup database.
    Did a fantastic job.  Site much faster! Database much smaller! Also, removed a lot of junk records and some that where detached from a valid post.
  • For Booking Calendar, added 3 new pages:
    • Thank You page, instead of a popup.
    • Booking Managing  – Allows a person doing a booking to modify their selection (only before it is approved).
    • Booking Listing – Allows a person who has made a booking(s), to hit a link and see their booking details, Dates, etc.
  • Changed Template on Terms and Conditions page to “Page Builder” template.
  • Changed Settings in Booking Calendar to only allow a customer to modify their booking selection BEFORE it is approved.
  • Changed Settings in Booking Calendar to allow a user to select multiple days (up to 30 days) that is an option available in the Business Calendar.
  • Modified Functions.php in to account for handling the new local changes where we now use the same format as the live site for subdomains.
    This way things work ok in testing.

Items Left to Consider and/or Do:

  • Add translations for newest booking (Small Business) module. “Partially Booked”
  • Discuss using Partially Booked Days. Do we set it, disable it, leave it up to the site owners?
  • Discuss with Pedro, how Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions works and how to use it.
  • Discuss and modify footer.
  • Still need to get wysiwyg editor to work for a selected custom field(s).
  • Use Page Builder Template for any new pages where we want a header and footer only!
  • Need to turn on permissions for cookie handling option before we launch.
  • Need to remove some things on individual site home pages regarding booking calendar (will explain later).
  • Need to fix code so if we are going to a villa site that uses GTranslate, it picks up the right translation and correct language to display.

Ralph Atkinson

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